Tattershall members help organize and participate in many events around the country. Here are some events where you may be interested in joining us.

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Workshops our members have been involved in. Contact us to schedule workshop classes or find out where we will be next.

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A little bit about our leadership and group directors in various locations.

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Founded in 2000 and incorporated in 2003, the Tattershall School of Defense has an established history of research, training & education. Tattershall instructors have gained international recognition for teaching & translation.

Tattershall has had a profound impact on community segments, such as the Society for Creative Anachronism, where we pioneered historical fencing and created two new combat forms.

Experienced members of TSD have been instrumental in providing translations of historical Italian fencing treatises such as Capo Ferro, Giganti, Marozzo, dall’Agocchie and Agrippa and also information on Spanish swordplay. Although the primary expertise is 16th and 17th Century Italian swordplay, instructors in the group also teach unarmed combat, smallsword, longsword, among other interests. With the majority of the School Board being or having been professional teachers, pedagogical classes are also a focus.