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Italian Rapier Intensive 11-15

On Saturday, November 15th TSD will be providing a mechanics tune up, and an exploration of the counter disengage in Italian rapier.

Beginning with a tune up for fencing principles, we will lay our foundation exercising the concepts of Italian rapier.

With this foundation as our springboard, we will move our focus to the counter disengage. Plays will look at accomplishing the larger goal, timing of actions, and ideal blade relationships.

Practice Locations

Southern California (SoCal)
Thursday evenings, 7:30-11pm.

New Session Begins 8/21
This session start in particular is an excellent entry point for new students.

Physical Fitness, 7:30-8p

Section 1, 8-9p Becoming a Better Martial Artist - Instructor: Gary Chelak
Peeling back the layer of HEMA study this class targets the practitioners themselves, supporting overall success in martial studies. Class exercises are constructed around highlighting one element at a time and improving it.


Founded in 2000, TSD exists to research, study & teach historical european martial arts.

The Tattershall School of Defense is dedicated to the study of historical armed and unarmed combat. With branches in Arizona, California, Texas, Washington and other areas, the membership of the School not only study but disseminate information on this discipline.