Classes at practice happen in a welcoming and supportive atmosphere. Classes can be demanding, rewarding commitment and hard work with challenge and growth.

Tattershall offers a defined curriculum with structured lesson plans and clear outcomes. Professional teaching background guides curriculum development.

Source material for courses comes directly from period resources. Most courses focus on a particular text and weapon. Others are more comparative, including multiple period perspectives on specific topics.

Knowledge vs. Tricks
Instead of learning tactics that work in specific situations, against specific opponents, students learn historical fencing theory. As a result, they are able to identify and understand what is happening while fencing. Instead of hoping the moment to apply a trick materializes, students are empowered to creatively problem solve in the moment, and ultimately direct the fight by their actions.

Tattershall classes are structured to facilitate this systematic approach. Each individual lesson directly supports the larger course goals. This in turn helps gain systematic understanding of historical fencing theory.