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Secondary Cuts for Meyer’s Dusack

October 6th – December 19th, 2021

In 1570, Joachim Meyer published his instructional manual for the dusack which was presented as the foundation for his practice with any single handed weapon. This class is designed for students that want to expand their understanding of Meyer’s combat for the dusack through the exploration of his secondary cuts.

These technical cuts offer the student additional learning opportunities including changing cutting lines, understanding when to cut and when to thrust your opponent, how to assess your opponent to deliver cuts along the appropriate cutting lines, and the relationship between distance and timing as it applies to striking an opponent. As this class is delivered via online/distance learning, our focus will be heavy on technique and solo drilling.

Weekly lesson plans will be released Wednesdays with live group video meetings on Sunday 4-6pm Pacific to check in on how things are going. Students are encouraged to submit videos of their practice so feedback can be provided by the following Tuesday.
NOTE: This is a 10-week class. We will be skipping the week of Thanksgiving, though students may use that time to catch up on their work and/or submit videos during that week. Also, due to a scheduling conflict, the first video class will meet on Monday, Oct 11th at 6pm Pacific, the rest will be on Sundays.


Students should have an understanding of Meyer’s 4 primary cuts for the dusack and the lines through which they are cut. Students need a basic understanding of the Guards/Postures. Students should be familiar with the concepts of cross changing, pulling, and running off. Students should be comfortable with Meyer’s footwork for the dusack, including gathering, passing and offline steps.
  • A practice dusack or similar simulator
  • A smart phone or other way to take videos of your progress
  • An internet connection and a way to watch the videos, read the handouts, and attend the virtual study sessions
  • A Pell or striking target can sometimes be helpful, but is not required.


Wendy Marques



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