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Northern Italian Rapier & Dagger

July 26th – October 3rd, 2021

For students who are proficient in the postures, movements, and measures of the Northern Italian rapier style, adding a parrying dagger is a logical next step to both expand your knowledge and add a level of chaos that will help reinforce the system.

This 10 week class will introduce these concepts and look at tactically applying the combination of rapier and dagger together in combat. Using an incremental approach and structured drills, students will learn not only what to do with a dagger in their off-hands and how to do it, but we will dig down to uncover the ‘why’ – students will come away with a deeper understanding of tactics and in-combat decision-making.

Weekly lesson plans will be released Mondays with live group video meetings Wednesdays 9-10:30pm Eastern to check in on how things are going. Students are encouraged to submit videos of their practice so feedback can be provided by the following Tuesday.


This class is aimed at students who have already been through significant study in the basics and through at least several single sword actions of one of these Northern Italian manuals (Capoferro, Giganti, Fabris, Alfieri).  Students should have experience practicing the postures, movements, measures, paired actions, and tempi taught in these manuals. 
  • A practice sword or sword-like simulator
  • A practice dagger or dagger-like simulator


  • A smart phone or other way to take videos of your progress
  • An internet connection and a way to watch the videos, read the handouts, and attend the virtual study sessions

Many of the concepts taught in this class rely on a series of movements and counters. Having a partner or fencing dummy to work with will allow you will get the most out of this class. If you are working with a partner,  you will want to use a fencing mask and gorget as minimum safety equipment.

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