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These classes are designed to run in an Online Curriculum format, engaging with students and instructors from all over the country for better training at home. We utilize video lesson assignments along with direct instructor feedback and group video chats to provide the best environment possible for critical skill improvement. Access to video recordings of lesson assignments from previous course sessions may be available for purchase. Please contact us at tattershallcontact@gmail.com for details.

Upcoming Classes


Saber/Broadsword in the Roworth Style

January 6 - April 25, 2021

Instructor:  Ryan Shapiro

In his 1798 treatise, Charles Roworth presents instruction on combat with a Broadsword and Saber, as the foundation for his practice of British military infantry swordsmanship. This is believed to be one of the earliest written depictions of British swordsmanship on foot. This class will take elements from all four editions of his writings.

This class will present the foundations of that instruction, including guards, cuts, defenses, moving and various actions on how to put this art into practice. This class will provide useful to both the new practitioner, providing a stable base of fundamentals to build on and explore, as well as the seasoned fencer, to sharpen their fundamentals and further fine tune their actions and movements.

Weekly lesson plans will be released Wednesdays with live group video meetings on Sunday 4-6pm Pacific to check in on how things are going. Students are encouraged to submit videos of their practice so feedback can be provided by the following Tuesday.

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Introduction to Curriculum Design

January 7 - April 28, 2021

Instructor:  Gary Chelak

As a first step for those wanting to become a martial arts instructor, or continuing education for experienced instructors, this course provides a repeatable and verifiable process for developing successful educational courses. Towards an introductory understanding of creating a multi-lesson course, it explores all necessary topics. Included are curriculum design, lesson & drill construction, effective content communication, along with construction & use of assessment tools to validate and quantify learning as it relates to lesson & course goals. Through structured lessons, attendees build a complete course curriculum and the tools necessary to both measure and validate student learning.

This course focuses on developing the physical tools of teaching. Separate courses address classroom delivery, one-on-one delivery, and classroom management.

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Previous Classes


Meyer’s Dussack/Messer

May 11 - August 30, 2020

Learn the Northern Italian Rapier System

September 12 - December 12, 2020

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