SoCal Classes – Winter Term 2020

Jan 9 - April 30, 2020

Classes run Thursday evenings at First Step Fitness in Long Beach, CA.
Floor opens at 7:30pm for gathering and warming up group stretching starts promptly at 8pm. The first section starts at 8:15pm.

Please Contact Us for current class pricing.

8:15 PM: Rapier and Dagger

This class will focus on utilization of fundamental techniques and strategies used in fencing with the rapier and accompanying dagger. It will be primarily based on concepts and instruction from the Italian treatise "Scola, overo teatro..." by Nicoletto Giganti (1606), though many of the concepts are transferable to different fighting styles.  The first half of the session will split the class into an Introductory section (for people without prior experience or who wish to review fundamentals) and an Advanced Theory section, for people with prior experience who want to explore discussion on how to approach application in different environments. The sections will rejoin for the later half of the session as we explore artful application together.

Recommended Equipment:
Mask, Gloves, Gorget, Puncture Resistant Fencing Jacket, Rapier simluator, dagger simulator or other appropriately sized rigid parrying device. (Loaner gear available on first come-first served basis)

Recommended Text:
Scola, overo teatro - Wiktenauter

Venetian Rapier by Tom Leoni

Instructors: Jeff Jacobson and Ryan Shapiro

9:30 PM: Structured Sparring

Students will apply lessons from previous classes in structured formats or games guided by the instructor. The first few weeks will specifically focus on preparing for tournaments at SoCal Swordfight (Feb 14-16).

Recommended Equipment:
Mask with Back of the Head Protection, Padded Gloves, Gorget, Elbow/Forearm Pads or other protection, Padded or Puncture Resistant Fencing Jacket, Athletic Cup (men). (Loaner gear available on first come-first served basis)

Instructor: Ryan Shapiro

10 PM: Open Sparring

The floor will be open for general sparring, additional training, and questions.

Tattershall School of Defense, Southern California
1335 Loma Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90804