Ryan Shapiro

Rapier, Smallsword, Singlestick/Broadsword

Ryan has had a lifetime love affair with swords and after receiving his first sword at 10 there was no turning back. He first began taking modern classes in 2003 focusing on epee and saber. In 2008, he started fencing in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and in 2012 joined the Tattershall School of Defense–Southern California run by Gary Chelak and Jeff Jacobson.

Ryan currently focuses on Italian rapier (Giganti and Capo Ferro) as well as Singlestick/Broadsword and enjoys studying the historical development of the combat arts. Ryan has developed and taught numerous classes at TSD, SoCal Swordfight, and the SCA. In the SCA, Ryan is known as Maestro Rhydderch Derwen and was admitted to the Order of Defense in 2018.

Ryan tournament wins including:

  • Gold- Socal Swordfight Open, Rapier 2013
  • Gold- Kron BBQ Open, Rapier 2015
  • Bronze- Socal Swordfight, Smallsword 2019
  • Numerous SCA rapier tournaments 2009-present

Contact Ryan

Tattershall School of Defense, Southern California
1335 Loma Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90804