Tattershall School of Defense


Tattershall School of Defense

March 7, 2020 - SCA Fencing Seminar

David Biggs, Tattershall Rector and SCA Master of Defense (MoD), will be hosting a seminar and practice near Virginia Beach, VA. It will be open to Tattershall members and SCA fencers. The cap will be 20 attendees.

In the morning session, Caleb Hallgren (SCA - Don Julien de la Fontaine) will start with warm up routines and then teach the fundamentals, focusing on good structure and proper technique.

David will teach the afternoon session, building on the morning session by moving into tactics and strategy.

At the end of the day, there will be time for sparring and one-on-one instruction/trouble shooting.

Please contact David Biggs for registration, cost, and information.

David Biggs
Washington, DC

Caleb Hallgren
Columbia, SC

Tattershall School of Defense, Washington DC